Wanted: Old mascara wands

MARS Wildlife Rescue wants your old mascara wands.

Birds and bunnies, opossums and box turtles – the wands are used to help groom animals to remove things like dust, dirt, sand and sawdust. Because the bristles are soft and so close together, they reduce the risk of injury to their tiny patients, especially babies that might tend to squirm when being handled.

MARS will be coming to our November meeting (November 12th) to talk about the amazing work they do. Let’s surprise them with a box full of cleaned, mascara wands. We do not need the tube, ONLY the wands, Please clean the wands prior to bringing them: soap & water & thoroughly rinsed. Thanks so much.

Bring them to the October or November meetings or call Ann Brown (604 817 5372) to arrange drop off/pick up.