Join us for a walk!

Thinking of joining Newcomers and want to get to know us better?  The walks are an ideal way to do this.  Non-members who are new to the Valley are welcome to join in on a walk up to three times before joining the Newcomers Club. 

To participate you must sign a waiver.  Please complete the waiver.  Ideally, in these times of social distancing, we prefer you will scan or photograph the signed waiver and email it to [email protected] or [email protected].  If this is not possible, bring a signed copy on the day of the walk.  We will also have blank waivers on hand. 

MONDAY WALKS (Postponed due to COVID)

  • For women who like a later start, join the Monday Morning Walking Group. 
  • The meeting time is 09:50 AM and the start time is 10:00 AM. 
  • After hearing a brief message about the walk, we introduce ourselves and then head out to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of Comox Valley. 
  • The walk lasts about an hour and afterwards, we get together for coffee.

Convener:  Gemma Connolooy, email [email protected]

Monday Walks Schedule

Our walk schedule will be posted when the weekly walks resume.


Friday Walk and Talk Start up!

We are happy to announce the return of the Friday Walk and Talk! 

Things will be a little different – it’s 2020, so that won’t be a surprise to anyone! 

Start-up consists of a pilot project where we will be trying out some walks and gathering walker feedback to help work out any issues.  Also, we will make adjustments as BC Health orders change. 

Walk Routes – (see Route Summaries for locations). The established route criteria limit our available walks, however, help to comply with health protocols:

  • space for social distancing
    • wide trails during the walk
    • green or beach space for outside coffee circles
  • parking for 20+ cars
  • washroom/portable toilet facilities

Social Distancing – To achieve this key component of health regulations, walkers will join a sub-group of no more than 6 people.  Each sub-group will be separated both by distance and time.  The subsequent coffee time will be outdoors (weather permitting) at the same location as the walk begins and ends. 

Earlier Start – 8:45 AM.  The earlier time will enable conveners to form the sub-groups and, with each sub-group leaving at 5-minute intervals, have all groups enroute as close to 9:00 AM as possible.  To avoid a large gathering at the departure site, walkers will be assigned a sub-group as soon as they arrive.  When the first sub-group has 6 walkers, protocols will be reviewed, a captain assigned and the group will leave, to be followed by the next sub-group. The last group will be reserved for those who prefer a little slower pace.

Before you attend a walk:

Walker Dos and Don’ts


Prior to the walk:

Walk Day:

  • arrive early – sub-groups will be formed as walkers arrive and depart at 5-minute intervals starting at approximately 8:45 until 9:05 AM 
  • agree to be a sub-group captain if asked – captains are key to the success of the pilot
  • agree to a photo of your group to aid in contact tracing
  • be patient while waiting for the 5-minute gap between group departures
  • pay close attention to your convener or captain – if you are told to go into single file, do so, etc.
  • stay in the same sub-group during the walk and the coffee circle (important for contact tracing)

Social Distancing:

  • 2 metres (6+-foot) between yourself and other group members at all times – while waiting to leave, during the walk and in coffee circles
  • 3 metres (10+ feet) between yourself and the walkers directly in front of you
  • 4 metres (13+ feet) between sub-groups while waiting for departure and in a coffee circle

Bring your own:

  • mask, hand sanitizer/sanitizer wipes
  • coffee and snack – no sharing
  • lawn chair for coffee circle
  • umbrella or sunhat as shade may not be readily available
  • toilet paper for portable toilets

After the Walk:

  • contact the conveners with feedback – good and bad.  We’re learning together and your opinion is important


  • carpool to the start location
  • bring guest walkers
  • approach friends who are another sub-group, instead, meet up on your own time. Conveners are responsible to aid in contact tracing during the Newcomers event, so stay in your sub-group

Friday Walks Schedule

Friday Walk and Talk Pilot Route Summaries

August 7, 2020 – Cool Cumberland – 8:45 AM

Route:  Approximately 60 minutes.  Meet at the small municipal park on the south side of Dunsmuir, between 3 and 4 St. (beside the Wandering Moose Café).  Expect quaint streets, trails and local history. 

Amenities: Sweet little park with a portable toilet and ample room for coffee circles.  Bring your own coffee or treat yourself to a Wandering Moose creation! Visit the bakery before you leave town.

August 14, 2020 – Aspen Park and Lerwick Forest – 8:45 AM

Route:  Approximately 60 minutes:  Meet at Aspen Park, beside Aspen Park Elementary School, Comox.  Park along Bolt Ave.  Mostly flat, well-used woodland trails and quiet streets.  Watch for forest fairies!

Amenities:  Street parking, flush toilets and ample space for coffee circles. 

August 21, 2020 – Exhibition Grounds and Tsolum River Trails – 8:45 AM 

Route:  Approximately 50 minutes.  Enter the Exhibition Grounds at 4839 Headquarters Road.  Park in the lot to the left of the Comox Valley Curling Club building.  Mostly flat wooded trails and a river visit. 

Amenities:  Parking lot, portable toilet and ample green space for coffee circles. 

August 28, 2020 – Sims Park and Courtenay’s Old Orchard Streets

Route:  Approximately 60 minutes. Meet at Sims Park.  Route will include the Sims Park trails and the lovely quiet streets of the Old Orchard area of Courtenay. 

Amenities:  Parking lot, flush toilets and plenty of green space. 

September 4, 2020 – Seal Bay Nature Park – 8:45 AM

Route:  Approximately 65 minutes.  NOTE:  this is not the Seal Bay ocean trail typically taken by Newcomers – this route starts from Hardy Road.  Take 19A to Hardy Road. Turn east on Hardy past Paradise Plants Garden Centre.  Follow Hardy for approximately 2 km to large parking area. 

Amenities:  Parking lot, portable toilet and ample room for coffee circles. Park brochures on site. 

September 11, 2020 – Goose Spit – 8:45 AM

Route:  Approximately 60 minutes.  Meet at the parking lot near the portable toilets.  First, we’ll go up the challenging stairs and Nob Hill trail, then wind our way back down through trails and quiet streets. 

Amenities:  Parking lot, portable toilets and, on this low tide day, coffee circles on the beach. 

September 18, 2020 – Comox Marina Park and West – 8:45 AM

Route:  Approximately 60 minutes.  Meet by the gazebo in Marina Park.  Includes a walk around the marina and to the west, through quiet streets and small parks. 

Amenities:  Parking lot, flush toilets and green space for coffee circles.

Check back here for upcoming Friday routes