Join us for a walk!

Comox Valley Newcomers Club has several walking groups. They give you a chance to exercise while getting to know other members. It is a great way to discover the amazing variety of walks in the Comox Valley.

Prospective members are welcome to attend either the Monday or Friday walks up to three times before joining. The schedule is below. Other walks are for members only.

To Participate:

  • Members: No advance sign-up required!  Just look at the following route schedule and show up!  Please read the Outdoor Physical Activity Events Safety Plan before attending.  Find the Convener’s contact information under the Member Area/Activities/Walks.
  • Non-Members: Not a member yet?  If you are new to the Valley in the last two years and thinking about joining the Newcomers Club, you are welcome to attend a walk up to three times before committing.  If you have questions, please contact us.
    Before you attend:
    • Complete and sign the Waiver Agreement and have it witnessed.  Bring it with you to the walk. 

Walk Routes:
The Route Summaries can be found after the Monday or Friday walks introductions. Please read them to ensure the route is suitable for you. These routes were selected to provide members with:

  • space for social distancing
  • green or beach space for outside coffee circles
  • parking for 20+ cars
  • washroom/portable toilet facilities

Monday Walk and Talk

Kick off the Week! Looking for a later start? Monday morning walks start at 9:45 AM and last for about an hour. We explore various routes through Courtenay and Comox, introducing you to new neighbourhoods and sights.
Enjoy the company of other members and socialize en route. Join us for coffee after the walk.

(Members, please login to find the conveners’ contact info in the Directory)

  • Gemma Connolly

Monday Walks Schedule and Route Summaries

Sept. 20 – Idiens Greenway
Route: Meet at 9:45 at Quality Foods parking lot, 2275 Guthrie Road, Comox
Approximately 60 minutes. Walk through the various neighbourhoods and trail connections along Idiens Greenway.
Amenities: Washrooms available at Quality Foods, 2nd floor. Coffee optional and also available at Quality Foods, second floor.

Sept. 27th – Comox Town Walk
Route: Meet at 9:45 at St. Joseph’s hospital parking lot, near corner of Rodello Street and Comox Avenue. Walk approx. 60 minutes around ocean front properties, and waterfront. Coffee optional outside at Milano’s.
Amenities: No public washroom available. Washroom available at Milano’s.

Oct. 4th – Comox Air Force Base
Route: Approximately 60 mins. Meet at 9:45 at Canex parking lot, located at 1625 Military Row, Lazo, B.C. We will walk through woods and obstacle course circling Wallace Gardens.
Amenities: Public washrooms available at Canex mall. Coffee circle outside in park by parking lot.

Oct. 11th – Thanksgiving Day – Holiday, no walk
Oct. 18th – vacation – no walk
Oct. 25th – vacation – no walk

Nov. 1st- Goose Spit Park
Route: Meet at 9:45 at Goose Spit Park, which is located at 10 Hawkins Road. Link to Park Map:
Walk will include a steep climb up the stairs at Goose Spit stairs and a circle back along the residential streets along the bluffs of Goose Spit.
Amenities: There are washrooms available along parking area. Coffee circle on Goose Spit weather permitting.

Friday Rise & Shine Walks

Friday morning walks start at 9 AM and last for about an hour. We explore a variety of routes through Courtenay and Comox and beyond!  This will give you an introduction to local neighbourhoods, parks, and beaches while you enjoy the company of Newcomers members. After the walk, continue your conversations during our post-walk social time. 

(Members, please login to find the conveners’ contact info in the Directory)

  • Marilynne Box
  • Debra Bunston
  • Nina Sato

Friday Walks Schedule and Route Summaries

September 17 – Nymph Falls, 4481 Forbidden Plateau Road – 9 AM
Route: Approximately 60 minutes. Allow ample time for the drive (about 15 minutes from the corner of Ryan and Lerwick). Meet at the parking area which is a little way past the park sign. We will follow the trails and view the falls. Trails are generally good but wear proper footwear.
Amenities: parking lot, portable toilet, coffee circle sites in parking area or off the trail.

September 24 – Goose Spit, 60 Hawkins Rd, Comox – 9 AM
Route: Approximately 60 minutes. Meet at the parking area by the portable toilets and pick your poison – up the hill or up the stairs!? With either choice, we will take breaks when needed. The groups will then meet up and complete the route on a mix of quiet streets and well used trails.
Amenities: portable toilets and parking area and beachy social time. Note: no shade available for coffee circles.

October 1Comox Marina and town – 9am
Route:  Approximately 60 minutes. Meet at Comox Marina Park by the gazebo (round pavilion away from the water, on Wilcox St side of park). Expect a mix of quiet streets, parks, and the marina.
Amenities: Parking lot, flush toilets, ample space for coffee circles with coffee places nearby.

October 8 – Hawk Greenway / Idiens Greenway – 9am
Route: Approximately 70 minutes. Meet at Quality Foods at 2275 Guthrie Rd in Comox. Mostly flat paved trails as we walk to Lerwick Forest and Idiens Park.
Amenities: Cafe and washrooms inside Quality Foods. We may be able to sit inside in their upstairs seating area or outside in a greenspace.

October 15 Puntledge River – 9am
Route: Approximately 60-70 minutes. Meet at the Puntledge Park parking lot on 1st Street in Courtenay, opposite Urquhart Ave. We will walk city streets and the trails along the river through 3 parks. There are some ups and downs and stairs on the trails which may be muddy if there is rain. We hope to see salmon spawning – potentially stinky but interesting.
Amenities: Parking, green areas for coffee circles. Note:  No washrooms  – the washrooms at the park are closed, the fish hatchery (including  washrooms) is also closed.

October 22Exhibition Grounds and Tsolum River Trails – 9am
Route: Approximately 50 minutes. Enter the exhibition grounds at 4839 Headquarters Rd. Park in the lot to the left of the Comox Valley Curling Club building. Mostly flat wooded trails and a river visit.
Amenities: Parking lot, portable toilet and ample green space for coffee circles.

October 29- Courtenay Town and Old Orchard – 9 am
Route:  Approximately 60 minutes. Meet at the parking lot below the Native Sons Hall. Route will be on-street through the lovely quiet streets of the Old Orchard area and past downtown shops, keeping an eye out for black cats, witches, and ghosts.
Amenities: Parking lot, coffee at Mudsharks (outdoor seating) or circles at the park across from Filberg Centre (down the stairs from the parking lot), washrooms in the Filberg Centre or the cafe.

November 5- North Island College – 9 am
Route: Approximately 50 minutes. Meet at NIC, 2300 Ryan Rd (parking lot A, closest to Ryan Rd). Flat wooded trails next to the college campus.
Amenities: Parking lot, washrooms in the college buildings, green space for coffee circles with coffee places nearby.

November 12 – Royston Seaside Trail – 9 am
Route: Approximately 60 minutes. From 19A in Royston, take Marine Drive. Park on the street by the picnic area at 39 Marine Drive. A good mix of views – ocean, seaside homes, and the Royston Wrecks. A couple of small hills.
Amenities: Street parking, picnic tables, green space. Portable toilet enroute. Possible visit to Royston Roasting for coffee and outdoor seating.

November 19 – Comox Air Base Fitness Trail – 9 am
Route: Approximately 60 minutes. Meet at the Canex/Post Office parking lot at 1625 Military Row. We will follow the fitness trail loop. (Climbing the wooden poles is optional!) Wear proper footwear for muddy trails and tree roots.
Amenities: Ample parking, washroom and a Tim Hortons Express in the Canex building. Coffee circles in and around the edges of the parking area.

November 26 – Tin Town, Piercy Creek and Rotary Trails – 9 am
Route:  Approximately 60 minutes.Leave from the Tin Town Café, 2456 Rosewall Crescent, Courtenay. We’ll go on the Piercy Creek trail and a short leg of the Rotary Trail. Mostly flat. Possible muddy areas on the trail if raining.
Amenities: The Tin Town Café has agreed to let us sit outside their café for our coffee circles and use their washroom. In exchange, we might want to buy a treat (like the fabulous berry muffins!). Street parking.