About Us

The Comox Valley Newcomers’ Club (CVNC) was founded in October 1988. Over  thirty years later, we have a current membership of around 200 women.

The CVNC is non-profit, open to women only and welcomes new members in an atmosphere of friendship. In addition to monthly meetings and regular group activities, we host several special social events during the year.

We are updating the Website for the New club year 2021-2022. Please be patient during this transition. If you would like more information about an activity check with convenors directly. You can find the new conveners in the June Newsletter. The June Newsletter will be in your email or on this site under Club News.

We encourage women new to the Comox Valley within two years or less, to join us. Your new friends are waiting for you. Why not attend the next General Meeting? Our meetings are held on Mondays, unless otherwise noted.

Fill in the form under Contact us   and request information about our next meeting.

We are members of the National Newcomers Association of Canada, formed in 1978 to provide an up-to-date register of member clubs and to facilitate the exchange of ideas between clubs.

2021-2022 Executive Officers

  President – Ann Brown
  Vice President – Shelley Marshall
  Vice President – Nell van Wyngaarden
  Treasurer – Miriam Myers
  Secretary – Betty Koch

Standing Committee Chairs

  Membership – Jennifer Blues
  Membership – Janet Bond
  Membership (name tags) – Sharon Nixon
  Activities – Heather Schoenberg
  Activities – Barbara Todd
  Website – Roxane Lacroix
  Community Wins – Sandra Vornbrock
  Community Wins –  Gail Wilms
  Welcome and Life Events – Denise Evans
  Welcome and Life Events- Roxy Reimer
  Hospitality – Lori Novak
  Publicity – Betsy Terpsma
Communications Committee – Linda Rasmussen

Newsletter – Jill Lunde